Relocate or Expand Your Business

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) offers an array of support, information, and resources to assist you in the process of relocating or expanding your businesses within California. This includes, but not limited to site location, registration and permits, and workforce.

If you are relocating or expanding your businesses in California, please contact GO-Biz to receive assistance and helpful information on how to navigate the state’s resources.

It is important to know that if your business is expanding or relocating in California, you will need to update the records and register with the corresponding jurisdiction such as local city and country, state, and federal government agencies. To help you identify the correct entities that require record changes please refer to this interactive map, Business Navigator Tool.

Registering a Business in California
If your business is relocating from another state to California you will need to register and form a legal entity with the California Secretary of State’s Office and do the following: 1) attain business licenses and additional permits from the cities or counties where your business will be relocating, 2) file pertaining taxes, and register your business an en employer with the state of California. For detailed information and step by step guide on how to register your business in California please visit, Choose a Business Structure and Register Your Business.

When relocating or expanding your business you will need to obtain specific permits which you can find more information regarding local, state, and federal permits below. Keep in mind the type of permits will depend on the industry and local justriction where you are looking to relocate or expand.

Please click here for more information and details about business permits, licenses, and certifications.

Site Selection
When deciding to relocate or expand your businesses there is assistance available to help you determine available sites. The California Business Portal Mapping Tool is a great resource to find helpful information regarding site selection as well as other critical resources for your businesses that can help ease the relocation or expansion process such as workforce development organizations, business assistance programs, and entrepreneurship support. You will also find important information regarding regulatory boundaries that are near the location(s) you are considering.

The state offers a wide range of services, resources, information and incentives to help your business find a diverse and strong workforce that will be suited for a wide range of industries in California. For example, the state provides incentives to boost hiring. To learn more about the state’s hiring incentives, training employees, employer responsibility, workers compensation, employee wage and labor laws, employee safety and health, affordable health care act, and discirmination law please click on the link below.

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