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It is important to consider several factors when deciding on the location of your business, including building and land requirements, utility usage, proximity to airports, rail, and ports, as well as zoning and signage regulations.

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) provides comprehensive confidential site selection services tailored to meet the needs of individual companies. As a part of this service, GO-Biz will also analyze the factors affecting a company’s investment decision and provide additional information related to taxes, human resources, training and workforce development, incentives, financing, utilities, permits, and specific real estate opportunities available in the state.

To further assist the site selection process, the California Business Portal Mapping Tool provides detailed information about business assistance programs, workforce development organizations, entrepreneurship support, and regulatory boundaries located near the potential location(s).

If your company is looking to relocate or expand in California, please contact GO-Biz to utilize the site selection service.

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