Success Story: SOL Learning Institute 

SOL Learning Institute 

Crowdfunding drives year-round skills-based learning program inspired by homeless crisis


Location: Northern California | Nevada County

Business Type: Educational Services, Learning Support

Small Business CenterSierra Commons

Assistance Received: Training

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CalOSBA had an opportunity to catch up with Travis Duckworth, the director of SOL Learning Institute, which has a year-round, skill-based enrichment program designed to introduce young adults to the three pillars of sustainable agriculture, architecture, and economics.

Director Duckworth explained how his organization’s program was formed out of the desire to address the homeless and affordable housing crisis. SOL’s program teaches youth how to build a tiny house from the ground up. He also credits Sierra Commons, and advisor Robert Trent’s Business Igniter Course, for providing them with resources on how to balance their books, marketing, and more.

To elaborate, what is also amazing is how Director Duckworth was able to raise nearly a quarter million dollars for SOL through crowdfunding from folks in the local community who believe in his vision.

Updated: 11/17/2023

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