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What Is The California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA)?

The California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA) supports economic growth by providing resources and support to the state’s 4.1 million small businesses, including non-profits and startups. Our mission is to help all California small business-owners find and navigate resources, programs and regulations so they can start, manage, grow, become more resilient, and thrive. By ensuring equitable access to capital, markets and networks, we aim to help Democratize Access to Capital, Diversify the Innovation Economy and Drive Economic Mobility through Entrepreneurship.

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Our Network Provides Consulting and Training to Support Small Businesses from Bright Idea to Successful Exit

Six Years of Real Results for California:

Small Businesses Helped

New Businesses Started

Jobs Created & Supported

New Contracts Landed


Lending Capital Approved


Equity Raised


Lending Capital Approved


Equity Raised

Collective Data from 2018-2024

SCALE Network in Action: Success Stories

Learn how these business-owners in a community near you took advantage of our small business support services to overcome their business challenges and grow their opportunities.

Gritz N Wafflez

After working in restaurants for over 20 years and relocating to Los Angeles from Dallas, Gritz N Waffles owner Jurni Rayne decided it was time to open her own place. But there were challenges in setting the business up for success including navigating Los Angeles County…

Schat’s Bakery & Cafe

The Schat’s family has been baking for over 100 years! Zach, owner of Schat’s Bakery and Café in Ukiah, CA, is the son of a Holland born Baker where this family tradition started way back in 1893. Zach’s father immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island and created a…

Safety by George

Safety by George, LLC

There are many dangers in the common workplace and safety is a primary concern for employers and employees alike. The Department of Industrial Relations oversees the California Occupational Safety and Health program…

Pacific Ink

Pacific Ink, Inc.

Pacific Ink, Inc. launched their small business in 2000. Fast forward twenty-three years to now – they are the winners of the 2023 U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) San Diego District Women-Owned Small Business of the Year award…

Café Metzli

Café Metzli

Lupita Sanchez was born and raised in Mexico and has a passion for specialty coffee. She started her social impact Mexican coffee import and distribution business in 2021 in Los Angeles. She reached out to CalOSBA looking for small business guidance and assistance…

GK Promos

GK Promos

When Gerardo Zaragoza, Chief Executive Officer, and Kathy Gutierrez, Co-President, opened GK Promos, their main challenges were needing more income to sustain themselves and the business, a lack of social media presence…

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